Saturn Return

A photo book dummy by Hans Jørgen Ro
When I was 28 I burned out. In retrospect the breakdown did not make sense to me. Not knowing what went wrong, or how I managed to get better caused me to live in fear of walking blindly into another crisis.
In western Astrology, Saturn Return is the name given to the period of your life when Saturn is about to complete its first 29.5 year long orbit around the sun. I do not believe the planets dictate our faiths, but when I heard this, I saw my crisis in a new light. I did not break down, I went through a cosmic rite of passage.
In this book I look back at my memories from my burnout. Seven months left only a strange blur of emotions, anxiety and uncertainty. I worked with book dummies of the project from an early point, the process of shooting, analyzing and making stories allowed me to look at myself from a distance, making the painful memories easier to handle.
The book dummy is hand bound by me and consist of 72 pages. It is printed on uncoated paper.
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